Gordon & Macphail Launches 67-year-old Whisky As First Of Annual ‘legacy’ Series

In celebration of the ‘father of single malt’, George Urquhart, Gordon and MacPhail have launched 355 bottles of a limited first edition single-cask, of which an annual release is planned, to be named the Legacy Series. The release of Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Legacy 1953 from Glen Grant Distillery also marks the culmination of the celebrations of the distillery’s 125th anniversary. 

Known fondly as ‘Mr George’, Urquhart was a champion of Scottish single malts and travelled all over during the 1950s, bringing different whiskies to Europe and ensuring that Gordon & MacPhail’s base in Elgin became a key location for delegates looking to strike exportation deals.

The whisky was distilled on Christmas Eve 1953 and has spent its whole life in no.4209, a first fill Sherry cask and bottled on January 5th 2021 at 59.4%ABV. On the nose, the deep mahogany whisky incredibly warming with notes of beeswax, fruit, and hazelnuts. Tasting notes include autumnal spice, plum and treacle. It finished with more fruit and spice and a suggestion of bonfire embers. Of the new addition, whisky legend Charlie MacLean notes, ‘It is full of the complexity that long maturation can bring, yet it remains astonishingly vivacious. Frankly, as good as it gets!’

Gordon & MacPhail Mr George Legacy 1953 from Glen Grant Distillery is bottled at 59.4% and sold at RSP$7500. Visit www.gordonandmacphail.com for more information.

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