Egan’s Irish Whiskey and Michelin-Star Chef Damien Grey Collaborate on ‘Senses’ a Whiskey World First

Egan’s Irish Whiskey and Michelin-starred Chef Damien Grey have created a collection of five whiskeys that elevate the luxury spirits market. Introducing ‘Senses,’ a set of ultra-premium 23-year-old Single Malt Irish whiskeys, each uniquely finished to evoke the five basic tastes: Bitter, Sour, Salt, Umami, and Sweet.

The collaboration brings together the expertise of Rupert Egan, Head Bonder of Egan’s Irish Whiskey, and Damien Grey, the culinary genius behind Dublin’s renowned Liath Restaurant. Together, they have developed a groundbreaking project, working with cask partners who had not previously collaborated with the whiskey world, that not only pushes the boundaries of whiskey production but also intertwines it with the art of fine dining.

A Masterful Collaboration

Rupert Egan, the great-great-grandson of Henry Egan of P & H Egan, Ltd., represents the sixth generation of whiskey bonders in his family. With a background in science and a diploma in distilling from the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in Scotland, Rupert oversees all aspects of Egan’s whiskey production, including distillate purchases, wood policy, maturation management, blending, and the Single Cask program.

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Damien Grey, originally from Bowral, Australia, and now a celebrated chef in Ireland, brings his two Michelin stars to the table. Damien’s culinary journey began at a young age, progressing from a butcher’s shop to some of Sydney’s finest restaurants, and eventually to the UK before settling in Ireland. His first restaurant, Heron and Grey, was awarded a Michelin Star in 2016. Following its closure in 2019, he opened Liath Restaurant in the same location, which has since earned two Michelin Stars.

The Creation of ‘Senses’

‘Senses’ is a product of meticulous craftsmanship and a relentless pursuit of perfection. This collection features five individually finished whiskeys, each representing one of the five basic tastes:

  1. Searbh (Bitter) – Finished in a cask that previously held a bespoke Imperial Stout brewed by Dot Brew, offering dark chocolate and coffee notes.
  2. Géar (Sour) – Matured in a Mezcal cask from Oaxaca, introducing citrus and mild smoky notes.
  3. Goirt (Salt) – Finished in an ex-Grand Champagne Cognac cask from Godet, enhancing saline qualities.
  4. Umami (Umami) – Developed in a cask from Col d’Orcia in Tuscany, delivering rich, savoury truffle and Sangiovese flavours.
  5. Milis (Sweet) – Aged in a Madeira cask, presenting complex layers of white chocolate, caramel, and apple pie.

An Exclusive Experience

In addition to the Collector’s Case, owners also receive a complimentary table for two at Liath Restaurant, allowing them to experience Damien Grey’s seasonal tasting menu as well as gaining membership to the restaurant’s concierge booking service, ensuring ongoing guaranteed access to this culinary haven.

Priced at €5,950, each Collector’s Case includes five 700ml bottles, a Sample Box with five 40ml tasting phials, and a series of beautifully produced cards documenting the three-year development journey. Only 200 sets are available globally, making ‘Senses’ a truly exclusive offering.

For more information and to purchase ‘Senses,’ visit Celtic Whiskey Shop.

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