Crurated Unveils World’s First Blockchain-Backed Metaverse for Wine Collectors

In an innovative blend of technology and tradition, the digital fine-wine community Crurated announced its groundbreaking venture: the launch of the world’s first blockchain-backed metaverse dedicated to wine collectors.

This marks a significant milestone in the digital curation of fine wines, utilising blockchain technology to authenticate and trace the journey of each bottle from vineyard to collector.

The metaverse, developed using the latest in virtual reality (VR) technologies, offers an immersive experience that allows wine enthusiasts to explore, display, and learn about their collections in unprecedented ways. Starting this spring, collectors will have access to a virtual cellar, where they can showcase their prized bottles, delve into the provenance of each wine, and guide guests through their collections, all within a virtual space.

Each bottle in the Crurated community is certified with a unique NFT (Non-Fungible Token), ensuring a verifiable record of its history and authenticity. This integration of real-world assets with blockchain technology is a pioneering step towards enhancing the collectors’ experience by providing a rich, interactive platform that goes beyond traditional wine-collecting methods.

Alfonso de Gaetano, the founder of Curated, “We want to nurture the passion of Collectors, support them in a way that hasn’t been done  before—all our technological developments point in that direction. Our metaverse is the  first step in giving Collectors an immersive, engaging experience, an alternative to a list of  wines on a spreadsheet.” 

Upon entering the Crurated metaverse, users are greeted with a visually stunning environment, featuring ethereal landscapes and tactile virtual spaces. The platform enables multi-player interaction, allowing guests to join owners in their virtual cellars, learn about wines directly from a sommelier, and engage with an AI to discover more about each bottle’s story.

The metaverse is not just about viewing collections; it also offers a unique unboxing experience for new acquisitions, allowing collectors to virtually place and display their bottles in a customizable gallery or an “Infinite Wall,” akin to a traditional wine cave.

Powered by Unreal Engine 5, known for creating hyper-realistic virtual environments, the Crurated Metaverse is a testament to the possibilities of new aesthetic codes and experiences beyond physical constraints. Italian architect Giovanni Francesco Frascino’s vision for the metaverse aims to create a unique space that honours and transforms reality, offering a place where memories are awakened and the beauty of wine collecting is celebrated in a new dimension.

As Crurated continues to innovate and expand its offerings beyond fine wines to include premium spirits, the community remains dedicated to connecting, collecting, and celebrating the world’s best lifestyle products and experiences. With a focus on authenticity, quality, and traceability, Crurated is redefining access to fine and rare products for a new generation of passionate collectors and consumers.

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