Val Di Sogno Hotel And Collaboration Continues To Showcase Style And Creativity

Val di Sogno Hotel in Malcesine, a beautiful adult-only, hotel located on the Veronese side of Lake Garda collaborated with the studio to commission the architect Giulia Delpiano and the designer Corrado Conti to develop an original concept for some lake-side rooms. This was the beginning of a long-standing relationship between the two which has resulted in a magical atmosphere throughout the entire hotel all designed with the distinctive signature of

All Image Credits Daniele Patenoster & Marco Favali

The four-star superior hotel, taking its name from the bay in which it is located, comprises 36 rooms and suites which present guests with lake views and an intimate ambience with a sophisticated style of the furnishings.

In the common areas, wanted to create the reception area by redesigning the layout. The goal was to develop an entrance hall where guests could immediately enjoy the beautiful lake view. The hall was studied in detail with a welcome table, elegant poufs, and velvet armchairs, where design and quality create a comfortable and elegant space. The office area has been transformed into a design space that includes a selection of decorative objects and clothing designed by, in a coordinated project developed with leading companies and with the collaboration of specialized artisans.

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Each room and suite is characterised by its own distinct identity, which is the result of’s creativity in creating authentic atmospheres that are enriched by details. Among these, the fascinating Splendid Junior Suite, in which we find a large space and a simple elegance. The uniqueness of this suite lies in the colour that blends with the design and welcomes guests in shades of sky and lake. A very strong personality is expressed by The Blue Pearl room with its typical retro-chic flavour, a tribute to the iconic Italian design and the forms of European modernism.

The choice of colours has privileged shades that capture the light and recall the natural colours of the area. The rooms were designed with the purpose of creating a space in which the guest would be in close connection with the surrounding nature and its elements, from the water of the lake to the sky.

The spaces have been valorised by a careful design with custom-designed furnishing solutions, such as the bedside tables and headboard, the desk, or the luggage rack. The elegant Smeg refrigerator is iconic with rounded shapes, inserted in a wide console with circular mirror, called NANA. It is original the choice of making the furniture functional and versatile, such as the coffee tables that can be used as poufs.

The bar area was carefully redesigned on a pre-existing structure, starting with the furniture and the choice of upholstery and textiles, focusing on customization and comfort. Over time, has also dealt with the outdoor area, designing a Corten gate to reproduce the windows that suggestively anticipate the hotel’s welcoming atmosphere.

At the heart of each project, which will include the design of three more suites in 2022, is the client’s desire to valorize the structure to offer an authentic experience of well-being.

The pleasure of quality with a high level of customization characterises’s style in terms of the choice of unique, made-to-measure furnishings, which combine the search for functionality and comfort with careful design aesthetics, giving importance to beauty as a complement to the livability of the furniture.

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