Toogood Launches First Ever Homeware Collection

Faye Toogood, founder of London-based design studio, Toogood is delighted to announce the launch of the brands first dedicated homeware collection. The debut collection comprises ceramics and woven throws designed by the British creative whose work defies categorisation and allows movement between genres.

The collection has been two years in the making and has been created to complement the line of Toogood’s sculptural furniture and is categorised into two different capsules; Dough and Plough.

The Dough range includes six essential tableware pieces; a mug, a jug, a platter, a bowl, a vase and a centrepiece. Simple and fun with a ‘chunkiness’ that resembles rising dough, the range has been aptly named to highlight the kneading process found in both baking and pottery.

Each piece is hand-shaped in the Toogood studio before being cast in earthenware and then individually finished by hand, with the curves softened and the glaze applied by expert artisans in Portugal. All pieces in the collection are available in two standard matte glazes; cream and charcoal.

The Plough capsule features two decorative hand-woven throws, produced using eco-friendly merino wool and showcase deconstructed pinstripes in understated geometric arrangements. Each luxury throw is a perfect blend of traditional craftsmanship and contemporary design – the success of which was aided by in-depth discussions with traditional weavers and playful experiment with the weaving process. The name for the Plough range has been inspired by the collection’s stripes which are evocative of freshly ploughed country fields.

Further iconic pieces will be added to both collections after this initial release and we are certain that they will be just as popular as the debut pieces.

Browse the collection at the House of Toogood

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