The Perfect Partnership: Bollinger Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition

Champagne Bollinger Releases its official James Bond ‘No Time To Die’ Special Cuvee 007. 

Champagne Bollinger has been the official Champagne partner for the film franchise for over 40-years and as the famous British secret agent embarks upon his 25th mission it seemed only fitting that the Bollinger Special Cuvée 007 was launched to mark the occasion.  

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The limited-edition gift box, was designed by the Bond Photographer, Greg Williams and showcases three Bond icons; Bollinger’s signature Special Cuvée, the Aston Martin DB5 and a silhouette of the legendary British secret agent. The silver birch finish of the DB5 is echoed throughout the colourway of the gift box whilst the Bollinger lettering and logos are depicted in gold. The iconic Special Cuvée bottle has also been adapted to feature a black and gold neck collar with a 007 blazon. A stylish and sophisticated presentation – although we’d expect nothing less! The much-anticipated release of the new James Bond film, No Time To Die, sees Daniel Craig return for his fifth appearance of Ian Fleming’s James Bond 007. Bond’s tranquil life of retirement is utterly disrupted as he embarks upon a treacherous and action packed rescue mission. 

The Bollinger Special Cuvée 007 Limited Edition is £65.00 and is available from fine wine merchants worldwide.

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