The Hot List : Featuring The Glenturret, Jo Malone, Tom Ford Fragrances, Le Labo And More

Our Editor’s Hot List is where indulgence meets sophistication, a luxurious fusion of the finest in fragrances, spirits, and stylish accessories. Handpicked by our seasoned editors, this collection showcases exceptional items from esteemed brands like The Glenturret, Jo Malone, Tom Ford, Le Labo and more. Dive into our selection and find your next indulgence among these standout offerings.

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The Glenturret x Jaguar C-Type Limited Edition Single Malt

A rare collaboration that celebrates the 70th anniversary of the Jaguar C-Type. This single malt is a testament to heritage and craftsmanship, limited to 220 bottles, each a blend of rich fruits, spices, and sweet vanilla, aged in a mix of sherry-seasoned casks. It’s a collector’s dream, embodying the spirit of innovation and excellence.

 Germaine de Capuccini’s Pro 60+

Dive into the luxurious realm of skincare with Germaine de Capuccini’s Timexpert SRNS PRO 60+ Extra Nourishing Cream, a masterpiece of beauty innovation tailored for those over 60 or with prematurely aged skin. This cream is not just a moisturiser; it’s a potent blend of epigenetics technology and exclusive ingredients like Epigenol and Zinc Glycine Complex. Designed to re-activate dormant genes and bolster skin defenses, it offers an all-encompassing solution for firming, wrinkle reduction, revitalization, improved pigmentation, and hydration. Celebrated as the Best New Skincare Product for Age 60+ at the Beauty Shortlist Awards 2019, it promises to fulfill the comprehensive needs of mature skin, making it a must-have in your beauty arsenal.

Loop Experience Earplugs – Andrew Footit Edition

Loop has collaborated with artist Andrew Footit to launch a vibrant, limited-edition series of Experience earplugs that challenge conventional designs by merging functionality with art. These unique earplugs, characterized by a splashy terrazzo pattern of primary colours, offer up to 18 dB of sound coverage suitable for live events and travelling without compromising sound quality. This collaboration, a first of its kind for Loop, showcases Footit’s playful and bold approach to design, aiming to provide users with a means to express themselves and experience life at their desired volume. Each set is accompanied by a limited-edition carry case with a distinctive yellow keychain and an optional Mute accessory pack, making these earplugs not just a practical tool for sound management but also a wearable piece of art.

Acqua di Parma – Leather Objects Collection

Acqua di Parma, celebrates over a century of heritage with its iconic fragrance, Colonia, and the introduction of its Leather Objects Collection. Colonia, crafted in 1916 by Baron Carlo Magnani, encapsulates the essence of Italian vibrancy with its radiant blend of lemon, bergamot, and orange, coupled with aromatic lavender, rose, and rosemary, housed in an emblematic Art Deco bottle. The new Leather Objects collection avaliable exclisivevely to Harrods instore, embodinies the Maison’s commitment to traditional craftsmanship and modern artistry, includes meticulously crafted items like the Leather Socle for candles, the tactile Leather Base, and the elegant Leather Travel Case, all showcasing the distinctive Acqua di Parma yellow.

Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense

Jo Malone London Oud & Bergamot Cologne Intense captures the essence of a time-honoured Middle Eastern tradition with its enveloping haze of oud wood, matched by the richness of black musk and the crisp freshness of bergamot. This fragrance, available in 100ml and 50ml sizes, offers a rich and alluring scent profile with top notes of sparkling bergamot, heart notes of intensely woody cedarwood, and a base note of dark, resinous oud. It’s part of the Cologne Intense Collection, promising an experience of depth and intensity for the wearer.

Le Labo Single Votive Candles

Exclusively available at Heathrow Airport, Le Labo Votive Candles are an exquisite way to enjoy the brand’s most cherished scents. Coming in the following fragrances Figue 15, Petit Grain 21 and Santal 26 each meticulously crafted with a high concentration of fragrance oils, a unique blend of waxes, and natural fiber wicks for an unparalleled olfactory experience. Hand-poured in the USA, these candles are the ideal gift for those looking to explore Le Labo’s signature scents in their home or while travelling.

KUROGAKI Wood Headphones

Audio-Technica introduces the ATH-AWKG, high-fidelity wooden headphones combining Japanese craftsmanship and high-tech audio. Made from ancient KUROGAKI wood and handcrafted in Tokyo with a lacquer finish, these headphones feature 53mm drivers, German Permendur magnets, titanium flange, and 6N-OFC coil for premium sound. They offer a Double Air Damping System for smooth bass, sheepskin earpads, magnesium alloy arms for comfort, and include a KUROGAKI wood storage box.

The Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock

The Barisieur Tea & Coffee Alarm Clock is designed to enhance your morning routine. It wakes you up with the aroma of freshly brewed coffee or tea, incorporating a mini-fridge to keep milk fresh and a ‘brew delay’ feature for perfect timing. This device beautifully combines functionality with design, aiming to stimulate all five senses for a gentle awakening. Its craftsmanship includes hand-blown borosilicate glass and a tray made from solid hardwoods, ensuring durability and style. Ideal for those who cherish the ritual of morning brews, the Barisieur promises a luxurious start to the day.

The Kurayoshi Tottori Bourbon Barrel

Hailing from the esteemed Kurayoshi distillery in Tottori Prefecture, The Tottori Blended Bourbon Barrel Japanese Whisky presents a golden hue and boasts a symphony of grain and smoke on the nose, with a palate that softly whispers of vanilla and caramel, culminating in a lingering finish. This exquisite blend has matured for a minimum of three years in bourbon casks, imbuing it with unique notes characteristic of its American heritage. Awarded internationally, The Tottori is an embodiment of tradition meeting innovation, recommended to be savored neat or in a cocktail for a distinguished tasting experience.

Carl Friedrik 72-hour Backpack Nylon Edition

Carl Friedrik has expanded its travel gear line with the introduction of the 72-hour Backpack, now available in a sleek, understated black nylon, a departure from its previous nubuck versions. This hybrid travel backpack, designed for both leisure and business use, combines technical performance with functional luxury, featuring a 100% recycled nylon exterior for top-notch durability and water resistance. Its design focuses on organisational efficiency and ease of access, with a 25L capacity that includes eight pockets and compartments, a business section for a 16” laptop, and an integrated holder for seamless attachment to Carl Friedrik suitcases.

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Tom Ford Oud Minérale

Available at World Duty Free. Tom Ford’s Oud Minérale is a fragrance that encapsulates the adventurous spirit of the natural world, where the arid desert meets the ocean. This unique scent blends the deep, rich aroma of oud with the refreshing essence of oceanic minerality. The warmth of oud is invigorated by a burst of fresh pink peppercorn, while fir balsam and ambergris weave together earthy and marine notes. A smoky wood base, intertwined with sensual musk, creates a contrasting fusion that captures the essence of both land and sea.

Holyrood Distillery Sherry Cask Edition Rum

Holyrood Distillery has launched its Sherry Cask Edition Rum under its Elizabeth Yard line, blending unique rums from The Philippines, Ghana, and Vietnam, all finished in sherry casks for a luxurious taste profile featuring tropical notes and a warm depth. Available now, this edition is part of Holyrood’s commitment to reviving Edinburgh’s rum heritage at Royal Elizabeth Yard, emphasising quality cask finishing akin to Scotch whisky practices.

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