The Barisieur Immersion Edition

The Barisieur Immersion Edition eases you into each morning, awakening the senses with the calming sound of  bubbling water and the smell of freshly brewed tea with its no-effort, bedside functionality. The design, which  balances simplicity and mystified alchemy, creates a nostalgic and comforting experience for the user. Whether it’s  a lazy Sunday or busy day of work ahead, starting it off with a freshly brewed cup of tea will make waking up a more  enjoyable experience – a drink that is as quintessentially British as the Barisieur itself. 

The Barisieur Immersion Edition incorporates the ingenious Brew Chamber. Comprising a strainer and silicon bung, the Brew Chamber allows hot water to fill up and brew the tea efficiently instead of simply passing through, ensuring  a more refined brew. In addition, The Barisieur Immersion Edition comes with a new larger showerhead that  disperses water evenly over your loose tea leaf, delivering impeccable saturation, with the perfect temperature each  time. The Brew Chamber not only creates the perfect cup of tea, it can also be used to brew top quality immersion  coffee. 

The simple housing holds sophisticated technology. An induction coil is used to boil the water efficiently and safely  in the vessel above. It has a milk vessel centralised in the base that’s cooled at 3°C due to the integrated peltier  cooler, which detects if milk is present due to an infrared sensor. The Barisieur Immersion Edition sports a retro  digital display to simply tell the time and set the alarm, which dims in low lit environments due to the integrated  diode. 

The Barisieur Immersion Edition comes in both Black and White finishes and retails for £345 GBP and is available to shop online from  

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