Super-yachting Croatia style, aboard DS Yacht Cristal

Here’s our insider’s guide to cruising Croatia’s coastal playground aboard one of Goolet’s prestigious Dalmatian Super Yachts, the spectacular DS Yacht Cristal.

Idle taxi boats danced on the gentle ripples of the bay, waterside bars began to fill with the first of the evening’s customers as the sound of church bells drifted through the warm evening air, and the day’s last rays of Mediterranean sun illuminated the earthy tones of ochre, saffron and terracotta of the harbourside houses. Our super yacht Cristal is amongst the fancy vessels moored at Hvar’s picturesque palm-lined quayside, the light bouncing off her pearlescent white hull. This magical moment, a seductive snapshot of our Croatian adventure is just one of so many memories I took home from my recent superyacht trip, writes Andrew Forbes (The Luxury Editor).

There’s probably no better way to experience the stunning, exclusive Croatian coastline than aboard a private yacht charter. Glamorous Hvar, with its quintessentially beautiful Mediterranean harbour, is just one of the many sophisticated ports of call to be found along Croatia’s stunning Dalmatian coast.

DS Yacht Cristal

During our sophisticated sojourn we were guests aboard DS Yacht Cristal, a superyacht with showstopping style.

Available through Goolets, the Croatia yacht charter specialists, this 15-cabin vessel with a spectacular sun deck, spa pool, and outdoor gym has all the luxury you’d expect aboard an exclusive yacht, and for the 2024 season there’s a plush new principal cabin and even a cinema room.

An experienced crew of 11 pamper up to 30 guests, with gastronomic dining, cocktails and also a wealth of water toys to enjoy in the Mediterranean sunshine, including a water slide that falls from the uppermost deck, kayaks, an electric SeaBob, paddle boards, an electric hydrofoil, and an adrenalin-inducing jet ski.

Andrew Forbes enjoying the toys and tenders aboard Cristal super yacht.

Dream Team

The sleek, sweeping lines of DS Yacht Cristal might suggest a world of formal refinement aboard. Yet as soon as you join this resplendent vessel you feel at home, embraced by the welcome and attentive service of a diligent and dynamic crew that are passionate about making the guest experience unforgettable.

This is undoubtedly down to the commitment and warmth of the yacht’s owners, Tatjana and her husband Andrija Marasovic. Yachting is in their DNA. Tatjana, who was our host and director of hospitality on board, and Andrija the yacht’s experienced captain, are both from Croatian yachting families. They not only constructed their own yacht, Cristal, but have built a wonderful, dedicated, and graceful team, which surely is the most important ingredient of superyachting.

Tatjana, who is half Canadian, is charismatic and bursting with enthusiasm, happy to engage with guests while also deftly negotiating the balance between attentive, jovial hospitality and respecting the privacy of guests. 

Meanwhile Andrija creates memorable itineraries that allow guests to see the best of the islands, while also securing the finest moorings in the most extraordinary locations, like the sun-splashed harbour of Hvar.

Together it feels like the dream team, and for us as guests, allows us to feel at ease in this exclusive world of high-end private nautical travel.

Culinary Journey

Each day, as the Captain Andrija expertly navigates the azure waters, the chef also took us on an adventure, a gastronomic escapade of fine dining, paired with selected wines and handcrafted cocktails. Each meal was an occasion, with first plates of tuna tartare and smoked duck, and main courses of seafood risotto, grilled octopus, and prime tenderloin. Sweet treats included Sicilian Vanilla Cannoli, handmade panna cotta and delectable sorbets.

Goolets – added value yacht charter

The Adriatic has consolidated its position as one of the most desirable, sophisticated destinations for yachting, and when it comes to exploring the Balkan peninsula, then yacht charter company Goolets has emerged as the most experienced and trusted partner. They work closely with yacht owners like Tatjana and Andrija Marasovic, sharing Goolet’s charter know-how and profound understanding of the needs of discerning international travellers. Together owners and Goolets create a refined experience for guests that might never ever dreamt of sailing in such extravagance.

Smart Yachting

Now an established member of the EU (and part of the Schengen free-travel area) Croatia has the privilege of allowing yacht charters that go beyond the usual EU limit of 12 guests.

This has meant that Goolets has created DS Yachts (Dalmatian Super Yachts), a new “Smart Yachting” movement, which brings this more affordable, more environmentally aware type of holiday to a wider audience.

So, with 15 cabins Cristal can host families or a larger group of friends up to 30 people. This means one can travel in pampered superyacht privacy for the same price one might pay as a cruise ship passenger.


Over the last two decades Goolets has emerged as a leading added-value yacht broker, introducing quality boat owners to holiday guests. Goolets is more than just a broker. The firm has exclusive access to many vessels offering a complete service from onboard concierge, 24/7 guest support and completely personalised itineraries and presentation of each vessel.

Goolets has been creating new yachting trends in Croatia, including the move towards high-end super yachts and mega yachts. They have exclusive access to many vessels that have recently been refitted and enhanced with personalised services including an onboard Goolets concierge that can help plan your itinerary, secure restaurant reservations and access to the finest island nightlife.

Cristal superyacht, which can accommodate up to 30 guests, is available to charter from 90,000 euro per week.

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