Sirreti Insights Report 2024 – Industry Report For The Luxury, Short-Term Holiday Rental Market

The Sirreti mission is to help property owners, property managers, and industry professionals succeed in the luxury holiday rental market, and navigate the nuances of delivering consistently excellent experiences for high-net-worth guests. Through its various resources, events, and noteworthy network, Sirreti is also a community designed to help its members increase their presence in the market, increase occupancy rates and deliver significantly higher revenues.

Over the past 12 months, in partnership with other industry professionals, Sirreti has produced the 2024 Sirreti Insights report, a comprehensive report (80 pages) that explores the latest trends, data analysis and expert commentary on the luxury, short-term holiday rental market. 

Key topics covered include: 

  • Delving into net worth
  • The HNW individual
  • The VHNW individual
  • The UHNW individual
  • Surveys of VHNW & UHNW global travelers
  • The continued growth of luxury travel agents
  • Sustainability in Luxury Private Accommodations
  • The rise of the hotel villa
  • The landscape of luxury travel in Greece
  • Habits & trends among wealthy German travellers
  • The importance of social media’s in Luxury Private Accommodations
  • The future of luxury travel: key trends & findings
  • First published January 2024

This is a valuable resource for industry professionals across the Americas, EMEA and Asia.

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