Rochambeau Club’s Racquet Rosé: A Sip of Riviera Elegance Now Beyond Club Grounds

This coveted rosé, once confined to the club’s exclusive confines, is now yours to enjoy at home as you bask in the allure of Riviera sophistication.

The legendary Rochambeau Club, an esteemed members-only establishment nestled along the sun-soaked Côte d’Azur, has caused a stir in the wine world this summer with the release of their delightful house rosé, Racquet. For the very first time, this exquisite libation is available for purchase outside the hallowed grounds of the club, allowing enthusiasts of both fine tennis and finer wines to savour a taste of Riviera elegance in their own homes.

Racquet: A Sip of Riviera Elegance

Racquet, the affectionately named house rosé of Rochambeau Club, is making waves as it emerges beyond the exclusive club’s borders. Crafted with care, this charming Côtes-de-Provence AOP wine has been meticulously designed to encapsulate the essence of leisurely afternoons in the heat of the Riviera sun. Offering a delightful interplay of flavours, Racquet boasts a distinct mineral structure, complemented by notes of white peach and citrus, all harmonising to create a refreshingly captivating finish that beckons for another sip.

Whether it’s paired with stylish fitted shorts or savoured during the mid-set intermission or post-match reflection, Racquet promises a multisensory experience that transports drinkers to the heart of Riviera sophistication.

Rochambeau Club: Where Tennis and Luxury Converge

The illustrious Rochambeau Club, a haven for those seeking both impeccable tennis and luxurious leisure, stands as a hidden gem along the Côte d’Azur. Situated at an undisclosed location, accessible by autoroute D7 towards Saint Paul-de-Vence (just before the seafood market), the club is celebrated not only for its formidable tennis standards but also for the plethora of pleasures it offers beyond the court.

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In addition to its exceptional tennis facilities, the Rochambeau Club provides members with an array of amenities that contribute to the overall experience. As membership applications open, those who qualify are privy to the unique offerings, like racket re-stringing services. Visit their website for more details.

The Craftsmanship Behind Racquet Rosé

The embodiment of the Riviera’s refined essence, Racquet’s vintages are a contemporary blend of Syrah, Cinsault, Grenache Noir, and Rolle. Alexis Cornu, an acclaimed winemaker celebrated for his mastery of crafting elegant Provencal rosés, has poured his expertise into every drop of Racquet. Sourced from vineyards sprawling over 100 acres near the idyllic town of La Garde Freinet, Racquet is an ode to the region’s winemaking legacy.

Savour the Elegance of Racquet

Enthusiasts of both the tennis court and the wine glass can now indulge in the luxury of Rochambeau Club’s Racquet Rosé. Available in 750ml and magnum formats, Racquet can be procured through, as well as savoured in select fine dining establishments and bars across London.

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