Fera Palma – Gastronomy And Art In The Heart Of Palma De Mallorca

We revisit Fera Palma, where Chef Simon Petutschnig continues his epicurean evolution, taking Mallorca dining to new heights, with signature Mediterranean-Asian cuisine, inspired by his passion for travel, innovation, and culinary curiosity.

Strolling in dappled spring sunlight beneath the towering plane trees of the Passeig des Born, is to be immersed in Palma’s urban vibrancy. This emblematic avenue, guarded by 18th-century sculptures of mythical Sphinxes, and lined by some of the most iconic architecture of the Mallorca capital, is at the epicentre of city life. Lively street cafés, squeezed between chic designer boutiques, spill out onto the pavement, and children play amongst the tables, as the Mediterranean breeze carries the sound of busking musicians and the occasional car horn of an impatient driver, writes Andrew Forbes (The Luxury Editor).

Art and Gastronomy

Yet just continue a few minutes further, taking a narrow stone cobbled side street and you’ll arrive at Fera Palma, a stylish sanctuary that epitomises the more measured pace of island life.

A huge ceramic sculpture, with the signature cosmic dance glaze design by Danish artist, and Mallorca resident Lin Utzon, greets you as you enter the restaurant’s entrance patio, beginning an immersive experience of art and gastronomy that embraces you in surroundings decorated with sculpture, photography, painting, and installations from the Levy Collection of Art.

Fera Palma is the place to slow down and savour fine food in beautiful surroundings.

Open since 2017, Fera has taken its own gastronomic journey, reflecting the evermore creative and refined approach of Executive Chef Simon Petutschnig and his close-knit team. I’m here to indulge in a 7-plate menu, a flavoursome lunchtime feast of delicately crafted dishes.

The restaurant’s walled garden is already full with diners, so we took a cava aperitif by the bar. The Alta Alella Mirgin Opus Evolution Brut Nature 2019 is a grand cava that sets the sparkling tone for an elegant afternoon of great company while enjoying fabulous food.

Shortly after taking our seats in the library, an intimate space of calming monochromatic tones, the table is brought to life by Fera tapas, the menu’s pre-starters. These ingeniously created morsels at once take to you the heart of this Mediterranean island, with hand-crafted Son Naava bread with Son Naava estate olive oil, accompanied by a pre-starter of bold citrus colours and flavours. Then we are taken to Asia with precisely crafted Nori Steak tartar rolls.

As the first of the Son Naava Mallorca wines flows, and the pre-starters are devoured, our tastebuds are ignited, and conversations fire up. This is what fine dining should be about – unforgettable moments shaped and forged through new shared experiences at the table.

Sublimely Sophisticated

Revisiting Fera, I see that the restaurant, a collaborative venture between Sheela and Ivan Levy with Simon Petutschnig, retains its playfulness, but has also evolved into a sublimely sophisticated affair.

The Gambusin cracker is piece of culinary art, causing me to pause and admire the delicate mix of prawn and avocado with kimchi and shiso, before I wolf it down, and reach again for my wine glass. Indulgence never felt so elegant.

The dishes continue to arrive in subtly choreographed refinement. Firstly, green asparagus ravioli that embodies the bountiful spring produce of Mallorca, then Sea Bass on a crest of tasty foam, and later, a saddle of Venison. Each plate is so aesthetically compelling that they invite you to pause and enjoy the creativity, much as you do when you discover the restaurant taking in the poetic textured panels by Mallorca-based Katharina Pfeil, and the captivating installations by Soller-based artist Toni Garau.

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As the desserts arrive, we see that Chef Simon Petutschnig retains his playful style, with a intricately crafted honey themed pudding, and later a vase of aromatic island mint evocatively spills dry ice over the table, keeping our passion fruit dessert cool.

A visit to Fera is to not only share Chef Petutschnig’s love affair with food, but also Sheela and Ivan Levy’s Montesion and Son Naava wines, and extra virgin olive oil, all produced on the island.

YARA Portals

The collaboration between the Levys and Petutschnig has flourished over the years and led to the creation of Yara Portals, the innovative new dining experience in Mallorca’s Puerto Portals marina.

You can read my piece on Yara Portals here. It’s a smart destination where you can relish creative Petutschnig cuisine with friends and family in a relaxed, waterside setting.

Fera Palma and Yara Portals are two address-book essentials when visiting Mallorca. And, if you are anything like me, you’ll be revisiting them for years to come.

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