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Saar Zafrir is an Amsterdam-based designer, investor and developer of hospitality projects throughout Europe. Following a successful career of over a decade in the capital markets sector, Zafrir switched gears and followed his passion of design and hospitality development. An Interior designer by heart, Zafrir manages projects from A to Z from concept to design to purchasing and construction. This past year Zafrir launched many of Europe’s hottest new design hotel properties and in 2017 will unveil a number of innovative design projects as well. We sat down with the designer to hear some more.

How did you get into the Interior Design world?

​​After ​working ​12 year​s​ in the capital market​s sector, I decided to take a year sabbatical and during that time I purchased an apartment in Tel Aviv. I made it my project to design the space all by myself and fell in love with interior design. Needless to say, I never returned to finance and the rest is history…

What inspired you growing up?

I grew up on the coast of Israel, in Tel Aviv on the Mediterranean Sea, so I was always fascinated with the mixture of urban life ​paired with the relaxing atmosphere of the beach.

2016 was quite the year for you, which projects launched last year?

This past year saw the launch of The Brown Beach House Croatia, Max Brown Hotel Berlin, Max Brown Hotel Dusseldorf, the Amsterdam offices of Europe Hotels Private Collection group and Sir Savigny Hotel in Berlin.

What is your latest project?

The Brown Beach House Croatia is the latest addition to the Mediterranean-based Brown Hotels group, a beautifully restored former Tobacco shipping station into a luxury  coastal resort along the Adriatic Sea in Trogir, a UNESCO World Heritage city.

What can guests expect at the Brown Beach House Croatia?

Guests can expect a comfortable and inviting luxurious approach to the coastal resort. The color and material design of the property creates a relaxing and warm environment for guests to tune out the world and enjoy the wonders of the Adriatic seaside.

Is Croatia the next big thing and why?

Hvar Island is a combination between Saint Tropez and Ibiza, amazing nature, amazing food and incredible nightlife. I’m currently working on a huge project there, but for now I can’t give any details… 😉

Which hotel project is up next?

I am currently working on a huge project in the West of Berlin that will definitely be the next hotspot in the city. The project is a combination of a 300-room hotel, Restaurant, Club and stunning swimming pool, etc., a real party destination.

Where do you find inspiration for your projects?

I am constantly traveling for work and sparking my inspiration from my surroundings. I visit London and New York two to fours time per year, I travel to a number of interior design fairs in Milan, Paris and China and I am always testing out new design hotel properties around the world. Whether I’m in London, Miami, Tel Aviv or in Amsterdam where I live, I try to spend at least one night at every new location. On average I have two flights per week for work.

You are based in Amsterdam, what tips can you give readers about your home city?

There are so many places to visit in Amsterdam and an incredible culinary scene fitting every mood from casual to luxury.

My list of must stay hotels are: Max Brown, Sir Adam, Sir Albert and the W Hotel.

My favourite restaurants include The Butcher Social Club for incredible casual dining, Izakaya and MOMO, MR PORTER steakhouse and if you’re really in the mood for something special I suggest The Duchess, the best gem in Amsterdam housed within the former historical KAS Bank.

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