In Conversation with Massimiliano Perversi, General Manager of the Aleph Rome

In this Q&A we meet Massimiliano Perversi, General Manager of the Aleph Rome Hotel. Massimiliano has solid experience in the hospitality industry, having worked for national and international hotel companies; including the Hilton International in Milan, the Four Seasons in Milan and Santa Barbara in California, up to to the most recent Hotel De Russie in Rome, Carlton Baglioni in Milan and Marina di Scarlino with the Ferragamo group. In his latest role, he spends his time between Milan and New York coordinating the operations of hotels and restaurants for the Italian group HLH Collection.  Massimiliano Perversi considers continuous and punctual attention to the customer the real key to success for every structure and in this interview, we discover more about his experience and approach to successful luxury hospitality. 

Describe a typical day for you (if such a thing exists!) 

I can say with certainty that in my role there is no day like the one before; a factor that I find very stimulating. However, I have a cornerstone that I never miss: every morning, immediately after my arrival, I take a complete tour of the hotel.

Your career in high-end hospitality has taken you to places such as Milan, New York, California and Rome – do you think each country presents a different approach to luxury hospitality and if so what are the key lessons you have learned from your travels? 

Many years of international experience have certainly broadened my views with respect to international luxury standards. Approaching customers of different origins was essential to understand the needs of different customers and to provide an increasingly tailor-made and personalized service based on origin. Furthermore, dealing with great professionals of different nationalities was a fundamental step to aim for excellence, learning from the best.

Aleph is also part of Hilton’s exclusive Curio Collection; historic hotels carefully selected because of their distinctive character which have the DNA of the cities in which they are located. How is the individual personality of each hotel brought to life in such a sophisticated style?

The hotels of the Curio destination are unique realities, deeply linked to the historical fabric of the cities that host them. The stay in the Curio hotels, and at the Aleph, allows the guest to begin an engaging experience of discovery even before leaving the hotel. The Aleph is housed in a historic building which, in the 1930s, was the most important Italian bank. Marbles and onyx, the original caveau in which our spa is now located, the majestic facade with columns and statues, and the magnificent view from our panoramic terrace offer a unique experience, to live and breathe the most authentic essence of Rome with a flawless service.

If you were to personify the Aleph Hotel Rome, who would it be and why? 

I would probably choose Ulysses, for the sake of discovery and curiosity. Characteristic of our guests, and a fundamental trait of our concierge service, is that of wanting to walk the less-traveled paths, to want to discover magnificent places and attractions in Rome that differ from the most popular places.

In 2020, The Aleph Rome won numerous awards, including Luxury Design Hotel, Southern Europe, how did that make you feel and what was the journey like with your team, to achieve such recognition? 

I am certainly proud of the awards received and of the team that allowed me to achieve this result. We are a close-knit team and the will to keep improving is the key to our success. It has been a year of important awards and, although I can’t reveal the details yet, many more are coming this 

Please share an insider tip for a first-time visitor to the hotel? 

Only one???!! During the summer, enjoying a drink after a dip in the pool, observing the skyline of the Eternal City is certainly a unique experience. For the winter, whether it is a moment of contemplation with a precious combination of cigars, cognac and dark chocolate in our Cognac Lounge or moments of true relaxation in the thermal pool kept in an authentic vault complete with a security door, at the Aleph there are really many opportunities to live experiences never lived before!

The travel and hospitality sector is a hugely dynamic one; what trends have you observed over the last few years and what do you predict for the next few years? 

Surely the tailor-made service and the ability to provide the guest with the most personalized experience possible are fundamental factors. The debut of Covid-19 also highlighted how it is necessary to make luxury hotels – which in Italy still arouse a certain mistrust of the local public – a real cultural hub of the city, a meeting place and aggregation where tourists can mix with locals to experience unique stimuli and experiences.

And what does the future look like specifically for Aleph Rome? 

The future is bright! We were one of the very few 5 * L hotels in Rome to reopen in the late spring of 2020 after the outbreak of the pandemic and, right now, we are close to 70% occupancy. New awards and recognitions are on the way, accompanied by initiatives and partnerships that make, and will make the Aleph, a unique and inimitable reality in the Roman panorama.

Luxury means different things to different people, what does it mean to you? 

Ah, this is such a personal question that I think it will be difficult to adapt it to everyone 🙂 For me, luxury is living an experience that exceeds the expectations I had before starting it. The amazement, the “wow, much better than I expected”, are certainly the keystone of my idea of luxury.

Life motto

Do not wait to strike till the iron is hot, but make it hot by striking. – William Yeats

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Contact Details

Address: Via di S. Basilio, 15, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

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