The Red Carnation Hotel Collection Debuts 100 Princes Street in Edinburgh

Red Carnation Hotels, known for its distinctive boutique luxury properties across London, England and across Europe, is delighted to introduce its first Scottish venture—100 Princes Street in Edinburgh. Occupying a prime location in the heart of the city, this boutique hotel is a tribute to Scotland’s rich cultural tapestry and adventurous past, making it a must-visit destination for those seeking an authentic and intimate Scottish experience.

A Portal to the Past

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Edinburgh Castle and a short stroll from Scotland’s National Gallery, 100 Princes Street was once the bustling headquarters of the Royal Overseas League. Today, it stands as a meticulously restored boutique hotel, where every corner tells stories of the legendary Scottish explorers who once roamed its halls. Under the leadership of the esteemed Resident Manager Laura Jamieson, the hotel promises a blend of historical charm and modern luxury.

Design and Decor: A Homage to Heritage

The hotel’s design philosophy is simple yet profound: every detail must narrate a story. Led by the visionary Toni Tollman, the design team, renowned for their work at Xigera Safari Lodge and Ashford Castle, has beautifully preserved the architectural essence of the historic building while integrating contemporary comforts. The interior features bespoke artworks by Croxford and Saunders, including a stunning mural that spans the five-story staircase, celebrating the spirit of Scottish explorers with scenes reminiscent of vintage postcards from the late Victorian era.

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Luxurious Accommodations with a View

Each of the 30 rooms and suites at 100 Princes Street is a masterpiece in itself, designed to offer unmatched comfort and a glimpse into Scotland’s storied past. The suites, named after famed Scottish explorers Archibald Menzies and Isobel Wylie Hutchison, provide guests with spectacular views of Edinburgh Castle, promising an exclusive and serene retreat.

Culinary Excellence at The Wallace

At the heart of 100 Princes Street lies The Wallace, a dining, bar, and lounge area named after the iconic Scottish hero. Under the guidance of the talented South African chef, Willhelm Maree, The Wallace offers a culinary journey through Scotland’s finest produce. Guests can savour local delicacies, engage in Scottish whisky tastings, and enjoy afternoon teas that celebrate the local flavours and traditions.

Ghillie’s Pantry: A Whisky Connoisseur’s Dream

Adjacent to The Wallace, Ghillie’s Pantry offers a more private dining experience with an impressive collection of over one hundred whiskies. This elegant room, capable of hosting up to 12 guests, features a celestial-themed mural ceiling and provides an ideal setting for custom-tasting menus and intimate gatherings.

Bespoke Scottish Experiences

Exclusive to its guests, 100 Princes Street offers a variety of tailored experiences designed to immerse them in the beauty and tradition of Edinburgh and the broader Scottish landscape. From crafting a personal Scottish gin to tranquil fishing trips on the River Tweed, the hotel ensures a memorable stay for each of its guests.

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A New Chapter in Luxury Hospitality

With its strategic location, rich historical context, and unparalleled service, 100 Princes Street is set to become on of Edinburgh’s most coveted luxury destinations.

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