Capella Hotels and Resorts Set to Unveil Luxurious Urban Retreat in Taipei

In a much-anticipated move, Capella Hotels and Resorts announces the grand opening of Capella Taipei, slated for the winter of 2024. This new addition to the Capella family promises to redefine luxury and urban retreats in the bustling heart of Taipei’s Dunhua North Road.

Just moments away from the iconic 101 area, Capella Taipei boasts 86 luxurious rooms and suites. Here, luxury is reimagined, not as mere opulence, but as a journey of authentic, purposeful experiences. The hotel is dedicated to immersing its guests in the local culture, history, and environment, with its unique Capella Curates journeys, thoughtfully organized by their Culturists.

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Cristiano Rinaldi, President of Capella Hotel Group, expresses his excitement about the new launch, “We are ecstatic to introduce a new era of bespoke luxury in Taipei. Capella Taipei isn’t just a hotel, it’s a gateway to a culture steeped in heritage, offering memories that linger long after our guests’ stay.”

A Prime Location with Cultural Richness

Ideally located close to Songshan International Airport and Xingtian Temple, Capella Taipei offers a rare blend of cultural heritage and modern vibrancy. Surrounded by art districts like Taze-Neihu, Songshan Culture Park, and Huashan 1914 Park, the hotel stands as a testament to Taipei’s evolving art and cultural scene.

Adding to the charm, its proximity to the Taipei Arena aligns the hotel with the city’s status as a hub of Chinese pop music, offering guests an immersive cultural experience.

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A Design That Speaks Volumes

The hotel’s design, a masterpiece by André Fu Studio, embodies the concept of a ‘modern mansion.’ André Fu’s vision weaves together contemporary comfort with the essence of an urban retreat, reflecting the hotel’s ethos of blending tradition, discovery, and individuality.

Fu shares, “This is a re-telling of my journey discovering Taipei. The hotel, set amidst the tree-lined DunHua North Road, is akin to an escape within European boulevards, offering a soulful antithesis to Taipei’s typical urbanity.”

Culinary Delights Await

Capella Taipei is poised to become a culinary landmark, featuring the Grill with its innovative techniques, the Patisserie that blends the charm of an art gallery with the warmth of a bakery, and exceptional Cantonese and Japanese dining experiences. The hotel will also introduce vibrant bar-centric concepts, elevating the mixology scene.

A Haven of Wellness

The hotel’s wellness area, Capella Wellness, located on the second floor, is dedicated to holistic treatments inspired by traditional practices. It features a fitness studio, equipped with the latest from Technogym, and an outdoor heated pool, offering a serene escape within the cityscape.

Meetings and Events with a Touch of Elegance

For business and celebratory events, Capella Taipei offers the Campus, a set of state-of-the-art meeting spaces, and a private event hall, each designed to cater to the diverse needs of its guests.

As Capella Hotels and Resorts continues to expand its constellation of properties, Capella Taipei stands as a shining example of the brand’s commitment to cultural heritage, personalized service, and thoughtful design. The hotel’s opening is not just an addition to the brand’s portfolio but a new chapter in luxury hospitality.

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