New Unisex Scents by Aesop – Three Times Over

Three is definitely the magic number when it comes to global skincare brand, Aesop, and its fragrance range. Emphasis is placed on the significance of three because until the launch of these three new (2021) fragrances the collection only comprised of three others –  with the first sent debuting in 2014. Not only is the expansion of the collection super exciting but each of the new fragrances defy all gender and seasonal stereotypes which mean they can be worn whenever, wherever and by whomever.

The ‘Othertopias’ (as the collection is entitled) is the result of a collaboration with French Perfumer, Barnabe Fillion with each of the three fragrances. Karst, Eremia and Miraceti, displaying individual notes and blends

  • Karst is for those who love warm spice and dry woody notes. Gin-like juniper, peppery bitterness of cumin and a vibrant sandalwood perfectly combine to give a mineral-like scent with a hint of smokiness.
  • Eremia is the musky one with the first sense of earthy undertones of galbanum showing through, followed by the subtle dry violet hints of iris and the final element is yuzu with tempered notes of citrus fruits.
  • Miracetiis the final one, which combines notes of the amber leather of labdanum, the musk of ambrette and styrax – vanilla’s spirited little sibling.

As to be expected from Aesop, which is a certified B Corporation, each of the new fragrances are Leaping Bunny approved and are included on PETA’s cruelty-free and vegan lists.

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