New Line-up of High-Luxury Homeware Unveiled by Hermes

At Milan Design Week, the French luxury lifestyle brand, Hermès , showcased its new range of homeware goods and furniture – with each piece displaying the label’s signature design aesthetics along with new creative input from Gianpaolo Pagni.

Texture, colour and natural materials are key to the new range and facilitates the creation of vibrant and extremely interesting rooms. Picture this; the Sillage D’Hermes armchair, made from wood that’s been coated in cellulose microfibers from Puglia, Italy, is then painted in an orange-toned linework pattern and finished with a complementing cashmere cushion is displayed inside a white and yellow checkerboard set.

The range continues with handmade bluestone tables and table lamps in a variety of sizes along with Pagni-designed Tigre Bayadére blankets, leather and wicker Chromatic baskets and painted and graphic-covered plates, espresso cups, and serving accouterments feature within the dinner wear collection.

Find out more on Hermès’ website.

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