Meet the New Hybrid Spirit: Pussanga Bitter Liqueur

Elements of the traditional recipes of Amazonian shamans are being brought to London in the form of the exotic new drink, Pussanga. A whole new type of spirit, this fruity, bitter and spicy beverage is a veritable explosion on the tastebuds. 

The history of Pussanga

Let’s dial back to the late 1980s when young scientist Petra Spamer-Riether discovered the aphrodisiac pussanga plants in the Amazon region of Peru. Over a period of 20 years, Petra created this raw ingredient into the magical and aromatic Pussanga spirit. 

What exactly is Pussanga?

It’s an all-natural blend of herbs and spices, specially selected from all over the globe. These include precious bourbon vanilla from Madagascar, Guatemalan cardamom, spicy chilli peppers, ginger root, pure pomegranate (mythology’s apple of love) and new botanicals, the pussanga plants from Peru and Mexico. Producing an incomparable taste and aroma, the clear, purple-red spirit with its aromatic bouquet showcases the richness of Amazonia.

The Ritz and Amazonico

The Rivoli Bar at The Ritz Hotel has crafted the ‘Peruvian Spritz’, a champagne cocktail, while ‘The Ritual’ cocktail (Pussanga, Ron Zacapa, Coffee Liqueur, Vermouth) can be found at the famous Amazonico in Mayfair. Here the Amazonian theme is taken to another level; guests are transported into a jungle of palms and exotic plants, enveloped by delicious aromas from the open hearths. Downstairs is an invitation-only speakeasy bar, a hidden tropical paradise, where The Ritual cocktail is served in a glass seashell. Bar manager Simone Solporini, creator of the alternative take on a Manhattan says: “Pussanga offers a wonderful interplay of flavours. I really enjoy using its complex taste and spicy, tropical note in our cocktail creations. It’s a fantastic after-dinner cocktail for our discerning clientele”.

Nightjar and The Gibson

The talented staff at the award-winning and Nightjar bar in Old Street, Shoreditch have created the Nightjar Pisco Sour featuring Pussanga and Chilean Pisco. Bar manager, Tony Pescatori says of the new beverage, “This is the bestselling cocktail on our bar menu. My team and I are great supporters of the velvety Pussanga liqueur. Its complex taste arouses the senses and immerses you in the depths of the rainforest. Underneath its luminous, vermillion cloak a taste explosion awaits. In our cocktail composition “Nightjar’s Pisco Sour”, we’ve tried to unite two wonderful nations with similar roots: Peru, the home of the Pussanga root, and Chile, one of the countries where Pisco originates”.

The elegant Gibson Bar is a short scroll from Nightjar, serving imaginative, high-concept cocktails, including their Alpaca serve featuring Pussanga. This fragrant and herbaceous drink is refreshing and fun with Pussanga adding to its depth and complexity. It contains Roku Gin, Purple Sesame Leaves, Tamarillo Fruit, Tonka Beans, Pussanga, Pink Aloe & Grape Sofa, Fresh Marjoram. German founder Petra Spamer-Riether says “For spirits, London is the gateway to the world. If you make it in London, you’ll make it everywhere!”. 

The liquor is complex and high quality; herbs, ginger, chilli, fresh pomegranate, vanilla and the Peruvian pussanga root combine to produce an unforgettable flavour. Each 500ml bottle of Pussanga is handmade in the Mecklenburg Lake District of Germany with an ABV of 38%. It can be purchased in the UK at the following retailers: Master of Malt and The Whisky Exchange at an RRP of £39.95. 

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