Kaitxo – The Gourmet Bean To Bar Chocolate Maker You Need To Know About

Kaitxo is the result of the continuous search for the best aromas, flavours and textures of the chocolates and coffees from around the world. 

Who doesn’t like chocolate?! When I’m in a restaurant I can pretty much always be expected to choose the pudding with chocolate. It’s just the most alluring food.

Yet when we come to snack on chocolate, sometimes we don’t always reach for the finest creations.

That’s why I want to introduce you to Kaitxo. This family business specialises in my two favourite food groups  – chocolate and coffee!

Gourmet Chocolate

They are genuine artisan chocolate makers – from bean to bar. There is no one in between.

Kaitxo only use cocoa beans of the highest quality selected at origin. In the selection process, they choose cocoas with different characteristics to make their unique, award-winning Bean to Bar chocolate with unique aromas and flavours.

Recently I was invited to one of their online chocolate tastings – it was fascinating. Much like the complexities one can experience with wine, with a really good artisan chocolate, the layers of flavours can be a treat.

It was fascinating to learn about the different chocolate growing regions, and the impact on flavour of drying, and production. If you holiday in the Basque Country pop in for a tasting.

Kaitxo is a family business located in Las Enkartaciones, in Spain’s Basque Country. Their chocolates have won awards including their caramelised pistachio bar that received world gold in Florence in the category of flavoured white chocolates at the International Chocolate Awards.

Bean to Bar

Bean to Bar is an artisan method of making chocolate – that allows the distinctive qualities of cocoas from different countries, regions, or farms to really define the final chocolate.

Kaitxo products are available online and soon will be stocked in the UK through speciality high end food stores like Fortnum & Mason and Harvey Nichols.

Specialty Coffee

I didn’t want to sign off before a few words about the company’s coffees, which are produced to the same standard, with the same attention to details from height at which the different varieties are grown, the selective harvesting of the ripe berries, to the care in the process and their roasting. The SCA (Specialty Coffee Association) establishes protocols to evaluate coffees and all those that do not exceed 80 points out of 100 are not considered specialty coffees. All of Kaitxo coffees are speciality and are exceptional and have a traceability label in addition to their roast date.

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Kaitxo Coffee & Chocolate

Email: hola@kaitxo.com

Website: kaitxo.com/en/

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