Isle of Barra Distillers Launch Limited Edition Strawberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur

Isle of Barra Distillers has announced the release of their latest limited edition liqueur, Strawberry & Ginger. The family-owned brand has seen success in the past with their Rhubarb & Heather Gin Liqueur, and they hope to continue this trend with their newest flavour.

Made on the Isle of Barra, which faces the UK’s most westerly point, this liqueur uses hand-picked, local Scottish strawberries. It embodies the community-oriented ethos of the brand without compromising on flavour.

The liqueur’s refreshing flavour profile is reflected in its vivid, eye-catching colour. The packaging is also adorned with complimentary pink details, such as the dripping effect on the seal, ensuring the liqueur is as equally jubilant to view as it is to taste.

TheStrawberry&Ginger Gin Liqueur also promises versatility in its consumption. Packed with bursting berry notes, it is the perfect addition to either cocktails or bubbles, providing a lively twist to your favourite tipple. With a multitude of serving possibilities of Barra Distillers ’Strawberry & Ginger Gin Liqueur can be enjoyed all summer long.

Available priced £22 from

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