Introducing Tequila Pancho Datos

Rooted in 70 years of Mexican folklore, this is a new tequila brand with a strong sense of history and a unique all-Mexican identity. An authentic, family-run business, Tequila Pancho Datos is crafted for optimum taste. Made using premium 100% Blue Weber agave, it features a complex array of flavours that reflect its colourful homeland and literary connections. 

Rooted in Mexican literature

In 1947 Ricardo Grijalva de Leon began writing poems about a character named Pancho and his experiences through the Mexican Revolution. The tales went on to become an iconic part of Mexican literary history. Two generations later, the poet’s grandson Luis Carlos Grijalva chose to recognise his legacy through a quintessentially Mexican product – tequila. And so, Pancho Datos was born; a premium spirit brand designed to honour the stories in the book of poems and to encourage others to share their own stories with the world. 

Crafted in the heart of tequila country

This beverage is crafted using the only Blue Weber agave grown to maturity around the Jalisco town of El Arenal. Found right at the epicentre of  Mexico’s tequila region, this agave is grown in the lowland valleys of Jalisco. Here the altitude difference means that the agave receives less of the sun’s energy than the plants grown in the highlands. The resulting spirit is not quite as sweet, benefiting from a more complex and characterful flavour profile. 

Three individual expressions

The spirit comes in three different versions to suit every palate: Plata, Reposado and  Añejo. 

  • Plata is unaged, providing a pure agave taste – natural and beautifully smooth – with a refined balance of herbal, sweet and peppery notes. 
  • Reposado has a blend of the agave, vanilla, caramel and wood flavours that come from having been matured for 6 months in ex-bourbon White Oak casks. 
  • Finally, Añejo is aged in ex-bourbon White Oak casks for a full two years, giving a bolder and more mature taste, perfect for tequila connoisseurs. 

Created to ignite passion in others to tell their stories, Tequila Pancho Datos has now landed in Europe, with publican – and tequila enthusiast – Jodie Kidd recently announced as the brand’s ambassador. 

Tequila Pancho Datos Plata and Reposado are available to buy from Master of Malt for £43.45 and £49.95 RRP respectively for 70cl.

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