Introducing Mijenta Tequila – The World’s Finest Sustainable Artisanal Tequila

The new artisanal tequila brand Mijenta has just launched its first iteration, Mijenta Tequila Blanco. Co- founded in 2020 by former Bacardi CEO Mike Dolan, mixologist Juan Coronado and designer and activist Elise Som, Mijenta has made a commitment to sustainability and supporting local Mexican communities. Awarded the silver medal at the 2020 LA Spirits Challenge and 97 points by the Tasting Panel Magazine in the US, Mijenta is already making an impact. 

Mijenta’s community mindset is reflected not only in the name, inspired by ‘Mi Gente’ meaning ‘My People’, but also in the company’s motto: “For the Land. For the People. For Life.” The newly created Mijenta Foundation is a not-for-profit dedicated to preserving the culture, land, and communities of Mexico, by re-investing a portion of profits, providing aid to the families of their team members, and working closely with local businesses. The company operates with the environment in mind, by using agave waste to create the labels and boxes and the bottles are creates from locally sourced glass.

Mijenta uses a traditional distillation method, carefully selecting only fully matured, certified 100% Blue Weber agaves from Jalisco, grown without pesticides. Mijenta’s agave fields are more elevated than usual, lending the tequila a much smoother and fruitier. This, coupled with the fact that the tequila is not filtered gives the tequila a uniquely complex and distinctive flavour profile, with notes of vanilla, spices, and fresh fruit. Of the new release, co-founder Juan Coronado says, ‘We wanted to develop a tequila that encapsulated the biodiversity, aromas, flavours and colour of the land of the region of Arandas”. Blanco will be followed by a Reposado in the second half of 2021 and is best served on the rocks or mixed into a margarita.

Mijenta Tequila Blanco is bottled at 40% ABV, prices at £54.99 for a 70cl bottle and is available online from and coming soon to

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