Hermés Perfect Summer Perfume – Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger

The Twilly perfume collection has been crafted to share the same spirit that the ‘Hermes Girls’ are known for; playful, full of sparkle and can take a classic and make it their own.

Aptly named, after the debut Twilly scarf in the 1930’s, Hermès’s in-house perfumer, Christine Nagel created the Twilly perfume collection which is more playful and less precious than some of the other Hermes scents.

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Each of the Twilly scents are based on raw materials and the latest addition to the collection, Twilly d’Hermès Eau Ginger, weaves three distinct notes of vibrating peony, a bright candied ginger, a supple and lively cedar – the result is a floral, spicy and woody eau de parfum.

With a distinct bite and crispness, ginger is often used in men’s colognes, however when paired with peony, the uber-feminine flower the fragrance becomes airy and floaty.

The scent doesn’t overpower and instead offers an uplifting vibe, ‘it should act as a bubble of pleasure around you,’ says Nagel.  And it certainly does, we can’t get enough of this bright and delicate fragrance.

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