Azulik Resort, Tulum, Mexico

Located on the Riviera Maya, Azulik Resort & Maya Spa is just two miles from the Mayan archaeological site but far enough outside Tulum to offer complete serenity and tranquillity. This is a strictly off-the-grid resort with a definite eco-friendly focus and the perfect place for total escapism.

Nature is incorporated into every aspect of the hotel design. The resort is formed from a cluster of elevated wooden treehouses perched above the jungle and connected by wooden paths which twist and turn through the trees, following tracks created by nature itself. The resort is surrounded by the incredible natural beauty of the Caribbean Sea and verdant Mayan jungle and the use of natural materials in the resort truly makes guests feel at one with their surroundings without losing that luxe touch.

Water is an important aspect to the resort and is honoured throughout the property. Water paths meander from the lobby to the spa deck designed to constantly cleanse the ground energy around the resort. Azulik also features a Cenote, or natural sinkhole that uncovers underground water. The Cenote provides water to all the villas which can be used for relaxing baths in hand-crafted tubs, made even more special thanks to Caribbean sunsets and sunrises. There is also a wetland surrounding the resort with an eco-system of its own, helping the environment with different natural processes such as water purification, flood control, carbon sink and shoreline stability. Sustainability and protecting nature is always at the heart of this beautiful resort.

The 48 thatched-roof villas made of Mexican ebony are beautifully organic and at harmony with the surrounding natural landscape. The wrap-around wooden terraces allow guests 360 degree panoramas of the deep jungle greens and sparkling sea turquoises. With no electric light or television, this resort is complete escapism. Nature is the main amenity, making it an ideal romantic getaway. Floor-to-ceiling windows ensure lots of natural light whilst the pale wood interiors bring the outside in.

The resort’s restaurant, Kin Toh, serves up Mayan-Mexican avant-garde cuisine that combines methods and local ingredients from the native cuisines with elements from international dining. The restaurant itself sits atop 39ft stilts above the lush Mayan jungle and boasts an incredible vantage point from which to enjoy the beautiful Caribbean sunsets.

The resort also enjoys a charming sushi restaurant, Tseen-Ja. There aren’t many more exciting places to enjoy sushi than perched above the Mayan jungle in a quirky treehouse. The Ka-So environment means guests are at one with nature, a tranquil environment in which to enjoy the fusion cuisine which combines traditional Japanese techniques with ancient Mayan and Mexican ingredients.

For full relaxation, the Mayan Spa is an extra special treat. The seaside spa offers specially designed treatments designed to pamper the body and soul using organic products and authentic Mayan purification rituals. Ancient Mayan techniques combine with contemporary spa treatments to create a unique menu of therapies focused on healing any physical or spiritual ailment. For a true experience of local culture, take part in a Mayan Rebirth Ceremony. Steeped in tradition the ceremony is to help guests connect with themselves, others and nature.

For adventure and total escapism, Azulik have created Mystikal Wanders, a program of experiences which put guests at the centre of the wild jungle, culture and easy way of living. From jungle cycle treks to discover incredible hidden Mayan temples, to snorkelling and swimming the turquoise waters amongst turtles, tropical fishes and the second largest coral reef in the world. Row across a Lagoon Cenote with a paddle board or reconnect with your inner balance whilst performing Paddle Yoga. Explore the Laguna Chabela, home to Dona Aurelia and her family and get closer to how Mayan families live.

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