Discover The Monocle Book of the Nordics

The well-known Monocle publishing name extends its portfolio by adding The Monocle Book of the Nordics to its beautiful book collection. This recent addition is a thrilling exploration of Europe’s northernmost reaches which has nurtured a distinct set of values that have helped its nations excel in quiet diplomacy, thoughtful design and reasoned debate and has long been a source of inspiration, for the Monocle’s editors, on how to live better.

The book delves into the most prominent influences that have helped this region stand-out as an example of excellence in a wide variety of life; from art and architecture to eating and living well. There is so much more to the Nordics than majestic mountains, dense forest and a frozen landscape and the book introduces its readers to the people, places and principles that really make this part of the world thrive; meet the retailers reaching higher in Reykjavík, experience Helsinki’s hottest hospitality, take note of Norway’s most distinguished designers and discover the Danish dishes not to be missed. There may even be a Swedish crayfish party and sauna thrown in for good measure!

We’re sure that this edition will be as equally popular as The Monocle Book of Italy and The Monocle Book of Japan, two other best-selling titles in this series.

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