Diptyque Paris Launches Le Grand Tour Collection

Founded in 1961, the French fragrance house is this year celebrating its 60th anniversary with a homage to faraway lands. Contemporary artists and perfumers have collaborated to create an exquisite voyage of the senses. Spanning East to West, this unique Grand Tour is a milestone in the boutique’s history.

A unique cultural journey

Exploring the world and collecting its treasures, this collection presents an invitation to embark on a flight of fancy – without even leaving home. At a time when travel is limited, the ability to enjoy the aromas of exotic locations has never been more pertinent. The set is diverse and entirely fitting to the indulgent Diptyque brand.

Here are the five olfactory experiences on offer…


Our first stop-over on Le Grand Tour takes us to the Left Bank of the Seine and a 190g candle adorned in a verdigris attire. Aromas of antiquarians, the waxed wood and old tomes of bookshops are evoked along with the mineral notes of the Paris cobbles. A black wood lid expresses the sleek sophistication of Parisian living.


Next, we venture close to the iconic city of Venice. Here lies an island of vegetable gardens where fresh basil mingles with green peppers, sharp accents of mandarin and vetiver. This is encapsulated in Venise, an Eau de Toilette, presented in a boxed set of three limited edition, travel-sized bottles.


Our next stop off calls us to follow the paths of Mount Pelion along the Grecian coastline, until we reach Milies. En route, we encounter fields of fig trees lined with cypresses and s the cool breeze of the Mediterranean. These fragrances have been poured into the Milies perfumed oval soap, decorated with stunning marble beads.

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Taking us far east, our next stop-over is floral Kyoto. Inspired by Ikebana (the art of Japanese flower composition) this Eau de Toilette is based on three elements: the rose for the people, incense for the heavens, and vetiver for the earth. The bottle is decorated with a Sarayi-pattern fabric, designed by Diptyque’s founders.


Our final destination is an ancient Lebanese port (the oldest in the world) and a small cafe in the souk of Byblos, where time stands still. The paired 300g candle is graced with exotic notes of roasted coffee and cardamom, poured into a large mixed earth pot with an embossed logo.

Each of the Le Grand Tour collection products is exclusive and limited edition, available in Diptyque boutiques, local stockists, or via the Diptyque Paris website. Bonnes Vacances!

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