Compass Box Whisky Announces Limited Edition Canvas Whisky

Compass Box Scotch Whisky Makers have released a new limited edition, Canvas Blended Malt Scotch Whisky using whisky aged in Vino Naranja casks. 

Drawing on the brand’s passion to flame the fires of curiosity in their label design this new whisky inspires customers by engaging them through the opportunity to create their own label – making each bottle truly unique. 

Part of the whisky was aged for three years in Vino Naranja casks which creates citrus and oil honeyed oak notes in the flavour. Vino Naranja is a fortified Spanish wine from the Condado de Huelva region (in southern Spain) to which orange peel is added to the cask for a portion of the wine’s ageing process.  The flavour profile also includes notes of ripe fruit, honey, vanilla, cocoa powder, oak, and a marmalade stickiness in its flavour profile. 

Award-winning designers Stranger & Stranger drew inspiration from the Renaissance-era use of trophy frames when they partnered with Compass Box to craft Canvas’ consumer-engaging label. Historically trophy frames, such as the one portrayed, were a way to showcase one’s greatest achievements. On the Canvas label, the frame captures the story and achievement of whisky-making. Consumers have the unique opportunity to partake in the label creation process by using the bottle’s unique QR code, which links to a template where they can input their own photo, sketch, poem or image of their choice within the frame and then print the personalized label. Compass Box invites creatives and whisky fans to share their unique designs on social media, tagging the brand and using #compassboxcanvas. The hope is for whisky to inspire art that inspires another whisky.

Canvas Blended Malt Scotch Whisky will be available in the UK from 9th August . 5,880 bottles will be released worldwide priced at £100 each and available to purchase from

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