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Established in 1964, NetJets, has been leading the way in private aviation ever since. With over 760 aircraft, with access to more than 5,000 airports across 200+ countries, NetJets Owners can access the most luxurious fleet of jets via multiple ownership models. Whenever and wherever their lifestyle demands dictate. Read on to discover more about this pioneering brand along with insights into the world of private aviation. 

Please tell us more about the NetJets ownership business model. 

NetJets owns and operates more than 760 aircraft in total, creating the largest, most diverse fleet of private jets in the world. With NetJets ownership, customers purchase a portion, or “share,” of a specific aircraft that equals a specific number of hours they can fly in that aircraft type. Owners choose from a variety of aircraft types across four cabin sizes—all outfitted to the utmost NetJets standards. Owners can upgrade or downgrade to any other jet in the NetJets fleet. If an Owner’s aircraft type isn’t available, NetJets will provide a similar model or upgrade to the next cabin class at no additional cost.

NetJets employs a culture of safety that far exceeds standard rules and regulations. Our uncompromising commitment to aviation safety is evident in all facets of the business and a key differentiator that sets us apart. 

As part of the fractional ownership model, Owners can co-ordinate a trip within 10 hours – this seems super quick. How does NetJets deliver such a short lead-time? 

At NetJets, we have a terrific Owner Services Team designated to each Owner. Owners can request a flight by emailing their Owner Services Team, by calling their personalised phone number, or by using the NetJets mobile app. When a flight request is received, numerous teams respond in unison, creating itineraries, monitoring weather patterns, and matching aircraft to specific Owner needs. Every aspect of a flight is planned, coordinated, and confirmed by a dedicated team, available 24/7. If anything should change, Owners can simply contact their Owner Services Team – they work tirelessly to ensure our Owners can travel when they want and reach their destination effortlessly and safely. 

The private aviation sector is experiencing a period of significant growth that is forecast to continue. Did you anticipate such an increased level of demand and how has the business responded/adapted its sales approach? 

NetJets has seen an unprecedented demand for private travel. In Europe, we have been experiencing daily flight volumes which are higher than pre-pandemic. Because of reduced commercial airline schedules and the fact that consumers are prioritizing their health and safety, our volume of new prospect calls and website inquiries consistently increased. 

With demand projected to stay the same throughout the rest coming months, we have chosen to add more aircrafts to our existing 760+ aircraft, which is adding tremendous capabilities to our network. We’re excited about our growing fleet and our growing list of new Owners. This year, we’ll welcome the Challenger 650 to our European fleet. This world-class private jet seats up to 11 passengers with state-of-the-art cabin space, perfect for business meetings or simply relaxing. This will bring our total fleet to nearly 800 aircraft globally at the end of this year which is a significant milestone for us in the aviation industry. We are also very excited about our upcoming work to enhance our sustainability efforts across the globe, including further investment in sustainable aviation fuel (SAF).   

With this increase in volume of new Owners has your Owner profile changed?

The uptake in new customer acquisition is driven by those who are new to private aviation. The pandemic has acted as a deciding factor for frequent flyers who formerly sat on the fence of flying privately. 

Because of reduced commercial airline schedules and the fact that consumers are prioritizing their health and safety, our volume of new prospect calls and website inquiries has consistently increased. We are proud to say that of Owners who joined us during the pandemic, the majority plan to continue flying with NetJets.

NetJets prides itself on offering a truly personalised service, please tell us more about the exclusive events and partnerships the business has established. 

NetJets builds special partnerships with like-minded brands to offer our Owners special benefits and access to exclusive events and one-of-a-kind experiences. These include private concerts and events at the world’s most elite destinations, lessons with professional athletes, and valuable incentives from a myriad of luxury brands. 

Our partners help us create extraordinary travel experiences by extending a variety of exclusive offerings to Owners. These include complimentary stays at world-class resorts and boutique hotels, and special offers for and access to luxury goods and services. From added benefits at some of the world’s most elite hotels and resorts, to exclusive entry to private members’ clubs, we aim to make every stage of an Owner’s journey second to none.

Our Owner Services Teams study their Owners’ preferences with heightened attention to detail, and proactively make recommendations to provide exceptional travel experiences every time they fly. In-flight service is essential to us and our partnerships with our Owners last for generations, so we become very familiar with their tastes and preferences. In fact, fostering this level of loyalty has resulted in more than one-third of our Owners flying with us for 10 or more years.

Sustainability is a serious and hugely important area of consideration, please tell us more about NetJets’ approach to this tackling this global issue. 

NetJets Owners are at the forefront of our business operations and, as corporate leaders who understand the impact of the carbon footprint, we take it as our responsibility to inform them of industry-wide issues. Therefore, we are continuously looking to innovate our business operations and shape them to meet our Owners’ demands. 

As part of our ongoing sustainability commitments, we are thrilled to be one of the first companies in private aviation to launch an extensive sustainability programme. We launched Blue Skies back in 2008, which offers Owners a way to seamlessly purchase the equivalent amount of carbon credits to ensure their flight activity is carbon neutral. Through this global programme, we partner with ClimateCare to directly support carbon projects that align to United Nations Sustainability Development Goals.

Furthermore, we have invested in WasteFuel®. This SAF initiative turns municipal waste into aircraft fuel. Our new biorefinery that is set to be operational in 2025 will turn 1 million tons of waste away from landfills each year to be made into 30 million gallons of SAF. We have committed to purchasing at least 100 million gallons of SAF within 10 years, with four more biorefinery sites to be developed in the coming years.

In Europe, NetJets is proud to become Air bp’s first partner to purchase ISCC PLUS* (International Sustainability & Carbon Certification) certified sustainable aviation fuel, expected to be in the region of 325,000 US gallons during the first 12 months. In addition to our European operations being carbon neutral since 2012, this new partnership with Air bp demonstrates our ongoing commitment to further reducing our carbon footprint.

Loyalty appears to be a prevailing theme within the NetJets world; from long-standing Owners, right through to years of service with the inflight and operational teams. How does the business nurture such a culture that is then extended to its customers? 

At NetJets, we’re fortunate to have long-standing relationships with our Owners. The strong personal relationships we build inspire Owners to pass down their NetJets ownership through their families and businesses. That’s why we call NetJets a legacy brand. Our partnerships with our Owners last for generations. In fact, fostering this level of loyalty has resulted in more than one-third of our Owners flying with us for 10 or more years

Traveller safety, comfort and peace of mind are crucial, and we go above and beyond for our Owners. We also always take the opportunity to celebrate with our Owners. This includes special events such as anniversaries, birthdays or even a newborn taking their first flight. We always aim to make our Owners feel as welcome and valued as possible.

What are the most notable trends you’ve seen, in the luxury sector, and what do you predict for the next three to five years?

Sustainability will be a defining topic of our age which is why we have prioritized making significant financial and operational commitments to drive what NetJets is doing in this space. It’s also very important to our Owners. 

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