Bon Parfumeur – Igniting Curiosity With a Fresh Take on Parisian Haute Perfumery 

The independent French fragrance brand Bon Parfumeur  was founded by Ludovic Bonneton in 2017. Over the past four years, Bonneton’s pursuit of rare, authentic perfumery has launched a joyful innovative culture to be shared, discussed – and of course worn. 

Made Exclusively in France

Working closely with specialists in olfactory, Bonneton creates aromas with meaning and creativity. And an ethical ethos is paramount to the brand. Every element of each product – from the liquid to the label – is crafted in France. The focus is on fine raw materials with 97% of ingredients having a natural origin. Where synthetic materials are required, they’re chosen to be both safe and free from potential allergens.

Celebrating Individuality, Inclusivity, and Creative Flair

These exquisite fragrances have themselves been inspired by the community Bon Parfumeur reaches – bold young artists, imaginative thinkers and those who freely express their own individuality with assurance and authenticity. 

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28 Fragrances Across Three Collections

Each perfume is identified by a number and coloured label and falls into one of ten categories (Cologne, Floral, Fruity, Amber & Spices, Oriental, Gourmand, Woody, Aromatic, Aquatic, and Special.) Within these, Bon Parfumeur has created three collections containing a total of 28 separate fragrances. 

  • Les Classiques: Classic creations for a contemporary world
  • Les Privés: Rare and intense with unusual ingredients 
  • Les Collabs: Aromas conjured in collaboration with Bon Parfumeur’s favourite artists. 

Become Your Own Alchemist

As an advocate of individuality and self-expression, Bon Parfumeur encourages wearers to experiment with two or three of the collection’s perfumes. In doing so, wearers can become their own alchemist, empowering them to alter an aroma to suit the occasion as well as their mood.  

These clean and fresh fragrances are genderfree and ideal for those free spirits who enjoy experimenting with their style.

Bon Parfumeur is available at Harvey Nichols with prices for 100ml from RRP £75 

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