57˚Skye Earth And Sea: Two Brand New Handcrafted Gins

Encompassing the magic and majesty of the Isle of Skye are two new premium, small-batch gins. 57˚ Skye earth and sea gin and 57˚ Skye earth and sea Banyuls Cask Finished Gin incorporate island botanicals, inspired by the natural unspoilt beauty and fertile seas that surround the largest land mass within the inner Hebrides archipelago.

Embodying the island

Each expression is hand distilled, bottled and labelled at the new distillery and tasting rooms in Broadford at the foot of the Beinn na Caillich. The innovative brand is the latest addition to what has long been a strong distilling community, joining several other distilleries which produce whisky, gin and other spirits. The two gins have been perfected by Distiller Seumas Gorman, himself a native of Skye who was trained in the art of distilling by Kris Dickenson, creator of the multi-award-winning Thomas Dakin Gin. Seumas’ aim has been to push boundaries and embrace the unique local flavour of the island by exploring its botanicals, local seaweeds and keeps.

Shaped by the surroundings

The new distillery and an accompanying visitor centre opened to the public in the summer of 2022, staffed by a team of dedicated local craftspeople. Commenting on the new brand’s journey, founder Séamus Ó Baoighill (who, like Gorman is a Skye islander) said, “We are delighted to announce the launch of 57˚ Skye earth and sea gin and 57˚ Skye earth and sea Banyuls Cask Finished Gin to consumers today. Both gins are shaped by the island’s stunning surroundings and habitat and, whilst both are juniper-led London Dry Gins, the fusion of sea and earth botanicals gives them a modern twist which we hope will be enjoyed by gin lovers around the world.“

57˚ Skye earth and sea gin

The first blend features local earthy botanicals including heather, blossom, rowan berry and yarrow with coastal botanicals including smoked laminaria and laminaria digitata (kelp seaweed). Additional botanicals such as juniper, angelica and lemon peel add a peppery warmth creating a sense of balance. It’s perfect in a Jacobite Negroni — just add 25 ml Campari, 25 ml Sweet Vermouth and ice, give it a stir and garnish with a slice of orange peel.

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57˚ Skye earth and sea Banyuls Cask Finished Gin

This is distilled with the same botanicals as the London Dry Gin and finished in 225-litre French oak casks which previously contained Banyuls liquor, a fortified aperitif. The result is a golden-orange hue, juniper-forward nose and a depth of flavour featuring fresh citrus notes combined with waxy vanilla, aromatic spice and sweet butter apple notes. Drink this on its own to appreciate the layers of complex orchard fruits and earthy spice.

A stamp of identity

Even the bottle design celebrates the gins’ island roots; a textured white label represents the topography of the Isle of Skye, with the brand logo displayed in a contemporary style pale blue lettering. The degree (representing the GPS coordinates of the Isle of Skye) appears in orange on the London Dry Gin bottle and in red on the Banyuls cask bottle. Finally, each is topped with a wooden stopper and stamped with a trademark.

Further Details

57˚ Skye earth and sea gin (RRP £40.99 ABV 43%), and 57˚ Skye earth and sea Banyuls Cask Finished Gin (RRP £44.99 ABV 43%) are both available to purchase from www.57Skye.com.

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